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“IPTV Hat” promise you the best IPTV app subscriptions, bellow you will find a few reasons why you may consider buying the IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription. IPTV HAT GOLD subscription gives you access to around 70.000 TV channels. IPTV HAT includes around 130 channels in HEVC (h265) it has been designed and created for you, people who want high definition. A new concept and design in order to facilitate its use, fluidity, and zapping between guaranteed chains. IPTV HAT has a VOD service of more than 70.000 VOD including recent films and series of all categories with a weekly update, new films, and series, and 4 languages are available in our video library (English – French – Italian and Arabic) and several image qualities including 3D and 4K. All of that and more are all included in a pocket-friendly subscription that everyone can afford. Our priority is to make our clients happy. And this subscription is one of the things we provide to our happy clients.


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Discover the IPTV Hat GOLD 12 months subscription. This subscription offers one of the greatest services in the market of Internet Protocol Television. The NEO PRO subscription has high quality live television and Video on Demand. On top of that, you can watch it on your preferred device. You can watch IPTV on your Smart TV, Smartphone, Android Box, PC, MAC Etc… All you need is a stable internet connection that supports high-quality streams. More details about the IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription will be presented in the next paragraphs, keep on reading.

The IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription promises more than 70,000 High Definition TV channels of live broadcasts like sports and award shows. Football/soccer fans will find it very satisfying. You will also get a separate service from live Tv where you can stream hundreds of Video on Demand (VOD) movies and TV series online. You can watch them at any time by accessing the library of VOD. The lists are updated regularly. Additionally, the content is in many languages that include Arabic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other world languages.

Supported Systems by IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription are:

IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription is flexible. There are many devices that support it. A list of the most common devices is below.

  • Smart TVs are the most used devices because of the quality of pictures and sounds. Samsung and LG TVs are among the best brands worldwide in this domain.
  • Many people prefer to use their computers to watch IPTV for more access and control. Computers are also a good choice for watching Video on Demand.
  • Android Boxes are compatible with the IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription. They can be linked with TVs and other HD screens.
  • Android devices like tablets and Smartphones are also very good options.
  • Other devices like Amazon Fire TV Box, Nvidia Shield, Apple IOS devices are also included.

Not all the devices are included on the list. There are many others. We only mentioned the most used ones.

Other info about IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription

The service that IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription provides is worldwide and works well everywhere in the world. The only requirement is a stable internet connection that is capable of providing the necessary bandwidth. The channels that broadcast HD and Full HD programs need 4Mb/s of stable Ethernet connection to work smoothly. Any buffering that might happen is very likely to be caused problems with your internet service. Check that the devices in the house are not consuming too much bandwidth. Also, using Ethernet instead of WIFI is a lot better for stability. WIFI is less stable than Ethernet.  If you want an Internet speed check, you can do it easily here.

Frequently Asked Questions about IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription

Will I get a device with my subscription?

No devices or hardware whatsoever are included with the subscription. You need to come up with the necessary devices yourself.

Are there any refunds?

After subscribing, you cannot get refunds because it’s against our policy. Try instead to use the free trial before you decide to purchase the IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription.

How many devices can work with a single subscription?

Sorry, you cannot use multiple devices to watch the IPTV Hat Gold 12 months subscription. It’s against our policy. One device can be paired to a single subscription.

Would I face any problems?

Technical problems that are caused by servers are very rare. However, sometimes such a thing might happen. In this case, wait for some moments and everything will turn out to be fine, eventually.

What should I do when it’s buffering?

Buffering is mainly a problem that comes from your end of the equation. It’s usually related to low bandwidth. When that happens, try to pause for 15 seconds and play again. Also, make sure that no other devices are downloading updates or any other kind of stuff.

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