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Now you can Test our Premium IPTV services, Channels, tv-Shows, and movies:


The IPTV free trial allows unlimited access to all our premium channels, Tv-shows, and Movies.

Our free IPTV trial is only for 24h, the purpose of the trial is to test our services, to get a glance of you will get. Please note that we do not provide a test on the days of important games, to avoid scammers.

To get your free code, feel free to contact us.




Due To increased demands on IPTV free trial from scammers and spammers 🙁 We decided to make the trial price 1.99€; if you liked our services and want to buy a 3, 6, or 12 month IPTV subscription, we will discount the 1,99€ you paid from the Subscription you choose. If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for trusting IPTV hat service. Our IPTV free trial is perfect for you if you’re the kind of person who is new to the concept of IPTV streaming, or if you want to test our IPTV subscription before you decide to make a purchase. We understand that a lot of people want a free IPTV test to confirm that the services they’re going to get are good or not.

Your trial code will be active for 24 hour. During this period you may enjoy and try the full potential of the free IPTV subscription you chose.

Frequently asked question about our IPTV free trial.
What are the IPTV free trials we provide?

In IPTV hat we have almost all the IPTV subscriptions out there. However, we try to provide you with only the best ones; as some IPTV providers are not reliable or buffer a lot. Below is a list of the IPTV we provide trial for:

If you didn’t find the IPTV Subscription you were looking for in our product list, feel free to contact us any time, we are available 24 hours/ 7 days to provide you with anything you want and to answer all your questions that are related to our business.

Can I have longer than one day trial?

As we mentioned before, the purpose of these IPTV trials is for you to test our subscription. Usually, one day is enough for you to test the IPTV services and decide wither you like them or not.

Do I get all the channels and movies on the trial?

Yes. An IPTV trial is the same as an IPTV subscription the only difference is that you only get it for one day only (24hours).

Can two persons use the same trial at the same time?

No, you can’t use the same subscription twice at the same time.

When will I get the trial if I sent a request now?

Usually our support team answers in minutes. Normally you will get your trial code in less than 24hours. However, due to high demands your code may get delayed sometimes. If you didn’t get an answer in time try to contact us on WhatsApp.

When is the IPTV free trial start?

Once you click the trial starts.

Which payment methods are available?

At IPTVHAT, we accept MasterCard, Visa, & Discover Card… To learn more details about the payment methods, please feel free to contact us.

I have problems with buffering. Is that a problem of the IPTV subscription that you provided me with?

Short answer is no! You may experience buffering some times as a consequence of poor Internet, which is a problem from your part.

This can be caused by poor internet due to low speed or because many devices consume the internet. Try to disconnect all the devices that consume your internet and try and see if it’ still buffering.
It can also be caused if you’re connected through WIFI. We recommend that you use LAN instead.

Connect your device directly to the router using a LAN cable. Try to disconnect all the devices that consume the internet. Also, try to pause for 10-15 seconds; it also eliminates buffering because it gives time to the video to load.

What if I didn’t like the subscription after the free IPTV 24h test?

You’re free to dislike whatever you want to dislike as you know already. If you don’t like our service, there are many other people who consider it exactly what they want.

The test was good. I want to buy a subscription.

Thank you for choosing IPTVHat services you can buy any subscription you want from here. If you find any difficulties don’t hesitate to contact us.