Terms of Services

We are providing an IPTV online streaming service, which allows you to watch live channels or videos on demand. By using our services, you are consequently acknowledging and agreeing on all of our terms of services 

  • Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Our terms and Conditions of Use, including the Privacy Policy, are subject to alteration, whenever we are obliged to do it; that happens without informing our users. As soon as the alterations are posted they become effective. Using our services after such alterations are made means the acknowledgement of the user.

  • Minimum age requirement

You have to be more than 18 for you to join our services.

  • Usage and service terms

You are not allowed to record and broadcast the content we provide you on the internet or any software.

  • Third-party purchases

The transactions that you might have with any third party vendors or dealer, which come with our service are not our responsibility.

  • Quality of streams

The perfect quality relies upon many variables such as the speed of the internet, how many other devices are connected to the router, the settings and many other technicalities. IPTV doesn’t guarantee one hundred per cent good quality. We should warn you that sharing our subscription with another device will force us to either ban you or suspend your subscription permanently.

  • VPN or Proxy usage

The use of VPN and proxy servers is not allowed while you’re using our servers. If we detect such a violation we will have to suspend you.

  • Unsupported regions

Our services are not available in these two countries: *Iran *China

  • Accuracy of information

Your account is your responsibility. Make sure to provide us with the most accurate data.

  • Compatibility

The devices that are compatible with our services can be found here HELP CENTRE

  • Internet service and data usage

All of the expenses that come from data usage as a consequence of using our service are your reasonability to pay them.

  • Sharing a subscription

It’s not allowed to share a subscription. You are allowed to stream from only one device at a time. If you want to add more devices, you will have to purchase extra services.

  • Purchase details

The purchase procedure and the pricing details are described by our services. They are subject to alteration without notice to our users.

  • Number of channels and movies (VOD)

The VOD content can be changed every week as we make a new update.

  • Suspension and downtime

    As an addition to our right to end or suspend your access defined in the lines above, you recognize that: for any reason, you might be suspended for the span of any sudden or spontaneous downtime or absence of any portion or all of the services.

    All correspondences regarding this agreement have to be in English. We still have the authority to suddenly end or limit your use of our services or your access to content, without notice, in case we’ve decided that you violated our terms of condition

    Our logo, and all the other IPTV marks, graphics and scripts are trademarks of our shop. Users are not allowed to exploit them.