One of the most amazing features that the IPTV technology offers is, without a doubt, IPTV online streaming. With an IPTV subscription service, you can access a huge library of VOD also known as “video on demand”. This library of VOD includes the hottest movies and shows on TV. Also, the best thing about streaming, as everyone knows, is the freedom to watch your show, movie, TV series, etc, the way you want. The latter is a privilege that traditional TV users know nothing about.

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Comparison between old TV and IPTV online streaming

In this paragraph, we will explore the differences between the traditional methods of broadcasting and the feature of IPTV online streaming.


Traditional TV

Let’s start first with traditional TV. With traditional TV, you have many benefits like watching live TV and accessing local news, etc. Satellite and cable, for example, are still reliable and many people appreciate a lot these two methods of broadcasting. But the drawback is that you have less control over what is being shown on your screen. Of course, you can zap until you find something interesting to watch. But still, it’s not you who decides what is going to be broadcast. Also, you can’t time-shift or rewind a scene. And if you paused for a long while, the show will leave you behind and continue on its own. Let’s say for example you came across a movie that you wanted to watch for a long time on a TV channel, but the problem is it’s 30 minutes through. With old TV, you don’t have a choice other than watch the movie without a beginning or wait for them to play it again the next day, month or year.

IPTV online streaming

VOD, on the other hand, may not be very good for people who love live sports and events. Even though online streaming is very sufficient to keep a person entertained for a while, IPTV provides the live TV service also apart from VOD. That’s why some subscriptions only offer VOD. A good example of this type of service can be found in Netflix and Hulu for example. Both Netflix and Hulu offer a monthly subscription that gives you access to thousands of movies, TV series, Shows, etc. And both of the two services have a huge number of subscribers who appreciate online streaming.

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Illigal IPTV online streaming

Many websites promise IPTV and online streaming of free and many of them even live up to their word and deliver what they’ve promised. However, getting entangled with the illegal business might not be the wisest thing to do. With these kinds of websites, you will be annoyed with dozens of popups and many of them have malware that will threaten your device. Also, many countries consider it pirating and might even take matters to the law. Furthermore, these free online streaming services ruin creativity, money, and dedication that people in show business put into their work. It’s as if you made a wonderful painting that took days and days of work, and when you finished this painting, another person made thousands of copies of it and just starts giving them away for free before you could’ve made any money selling it. Same thing happens in the music industry and it’s a shame.

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IPTV online streaming is truly an amazing feature that comes with an IPTV subscription service. You get to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies the way you want at any time, as long as you have the Internet. With the VOD libraries, you’re the one who decides what is entertainment.

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