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ATLAS PRO 12-MONTH Premium IPTV subscription IPTV is one of the Internet’s best known and most popular IPTV subscriptions. Created a few years ago, it is made famous for its large number of channels offered as well as its excellent image and sound quality. The streams are very crisp clear and show all the details.

Along with access to a huge variety of TV channels, you will also be able to watch many box office movies and famous TV series in the form of video on demand (VOD). The huge library of video on demand (VOD) is occasionally updated to keep up with the newest hits in the world. There’ also an incredible feature that allows you to change the language when different languages are available.

Like any premium services, you could use Atlas Pro IPTV on your mobile (iPhone or Android) on your laptop (mac os or windows), or on your smart tv… It’s truly a great subscription that ensures stability. That’s why we recommend it to all of our clients.

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"IPTV Hat" promise you the best IPTV app subscriptions, bellow you will find a few reasons why you may consider buying an Atlas Pro IPTV subscription. Among the premium IPTV subscriptions, Atlas Pro IPTV is cited among the most coveted subscription providers on the Internet. The notoriety of this Subscription is mainly due to its largely attractive prices as well as its countless IPTV channels, movies, and Tv-Shows offered with excellent image quality. -

-BANDWIDTH A bandwidth dedicated only to reading streams is reserved for you! Enjoy the highest quality of reading comfort.

- TECHNOLOGY IPTV Hat wants the best for its customers, that is why we are always evolving with new technologies.

-SERVERS We have multiple servers around the world, be sure to get the best connection, closest to you.

-HD QUALITY! 1080p HD 720p Most of our channels are broadcast in several qualities allowing any type of speed to be able to take advantage of their subscription. 1080p, 720p and Low speed.

-LIVE TV & Video on demand: You will enjoy more than 4200 international live channels, classified by categories and hundreds of Movies, Tv-Show series thanks to Videos on Demand!

-TIMESHIFT with You now control the live stream, thanks to the amazing application IPTV Hat provide you, you can pause the channel, then resume streaming where you left off! If you need any help or if you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime. We are available 24h a day 7 days a week.

Atlas Pro IPTV IPTV Android App

All the devices that have Android OS like Android Boxes, tablets, and Smartphones support the Atlas Pro IPTV app. You can find it in your app store.

After you install the app, we will provide you with the code that will allow you to access your subscription.

Atlas Pro IPTV IPTV on your SMART TV

Smart TVs are the best devices to access your Atlas Pro IPTV subscription. They show the full potential of the Atlas Pro IPTV services in terms of quality.

More info on the Atlas Pro IPTV IPTV subscription:

  • Atlas Pro IPTV subscription is among the greatest IPTV services that use stable servers on the market of internet protocol TV. The stable servers will always ensure that your TV services are working correctly.
  • Atlas Pro IPTV app works in various devices such as Android devices, Magbox, Apple IOS, Enigma2, Linux systems, Personal Computer, and Smart TVs. Atlas Pro IPTV app is designed to work with different screens.
  • The Atlas Pro IPTV subscription gives you worldwide TV access. You can watch channels from countries such as the US, France, the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy,  and Portugal. You will also find Middle-Eastern channels such as  Saudi Arabia, and from Africa: Tunis, Egypt, Algeria, And Morocco...
  • Atlas Pro IPTV  subscription offers a variety of live sports channels and other live programs.
  • Atlas Pro IPTV subscription provides you with a library of video on demand (VOD). You can find more than 4,000 different movies and TV series.
  • The subscription of Atlas Pro comes with no devices included.
  • To enjoy the Atlas Pro without having to face any sort of buffering, we recommend that you connect your device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable. WIFI is much more unstable when it comes to providing internet. To perform an Internet speed, please enter this website here.
  • The validity date of the Atlas Pro subscription starts the day you first access it.
  • Feel free to contact customer services, in case you have any difficulties,

The prohibition rules of the Atlas pro subscription.

The Atlas Pro subscription works in a single device, nothing more. If you tried to do connect more than one device, we will ban you from the service without receiving refunds.

In the case of being caught trying to hack the servers, one way or another, we will ban you from our service permanently.

Do not share any TV programs, or any other kind of streams from the Atlas Pro IPTV subscription, if you do such an act, you will be banned.

As a final note, we are providing the opportunity to have an IPTV 1 DAY TRIAL subscription. This is our way of guaranteeing that our clients like the subscription before actually purchasing it.

Please note that once you subscribe, you can't cancel the subscription and receive a refund because we can't resell the subscription again; it will be linked to your Email.

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