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Orca pro + is an IPTV subscription that provides more than 3000 channels + VOD in FULL HD resolution with a very stable of quality.

Orca Pro + IPTV subscription allows you to watch the best packages and global channels without satellite dish via your internet connection with a minimum speed of 4Mb/s directly on your devices, Smart TV, Android & IOS Box, Computers, tablets, smartphones…

The ORCA PRO IPTV subscription gives you the possibility to watch thousands of channels from all over the globe with 6,000 VODs of different languages.

ORCA PRO IPTV offers the possibility to watch channels in Full HD.

QUICK installation of your Orca IPTV

Orca pro + IPTV service works on smart TVs and all the Android and IOS devices, as well as Mags and PCs. Our support will guide you if you have any problems activating your IPTV subscription. IPTVHAT subscription offers you a 24-hour test before any premium subscription purchase to test and explore our channel packages and films, series, and manga available on our video on demand channel. If you are sick of IPTV shutting off all the time, go for the IPTV subscription and you will be 100% satisfied. IPTV subscription.
What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol TeleVision or, IPTV, is access to television channels with the Internet. This, therefore, allows you to have access to television on your computer or smartphone.

– With the Orca Pro IPTV subscription, you can watch your TV uninterrupted 24 hours a day!

-You will get the latest box office films in all categories as Video On Demand.

– The channels will be organized by country.

– Regular updates and FREE support all the time.

-Our INFRASTRUCTURE ensures data security at the highest level of efficiency.

We present to you the best quality and best price in IPTVHAT

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The Orca Pro + IPTV subscription and the app are guarantying access to over 3,000 live TV channels. A library of 6,000 video on demand (VOD) is also part of the subscription, along with the time-shift option on TV. The streams are always stable and guaranteed. That’s all you’ll need when you watch live sports without problems. The video on demand library is always updated on a regular basis without any charges. That happens automatically and without your interference. The servers that we’re using are super stable. We haven’t heard any received complaints from our customers for the past years. We are very proud to provide our IPTV service to you.

Orca Pro + IPTV Android App

All the devices that have Android OS like Android Boxes, tablets and Smartphones support our Orca Pro + app. You can find it easy on the playstore.

After installing the app on your device, you will have to enter a code to log in.


We recommend Smart TVs to be used with our subscription. They provide great quality.

You can contact us to explain the details of the subscription process to you. Feel free to ask about anything.

More information about Orca Pro + IPTV subscription:

  • Orca Pro + IPTV subscription is one of the greatest IPTV services that use stable servers, which are always getting great reviews by the customers. Our service is also supported in all the whole world.
  • The Orca Pro + app works in various devices such as Android devices, Magbox, Enigma2, Linux systems, Apple IOS, Personal Computer, and Smart TVs. Orca Pro + app is designed to be compatible with all types of screens.
  • The Orca Pro + IPTV subscription gives you access to channels from all over the world including Europe, countries such as France, Italy, the UK, Spain, Germany, and Portugal. You can also find channels from the Middle East, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and from Africa: Tunis, Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt... Orca Pro + IPTV subscription offers various types of live sports channels and other programs.
  • The Orca Pro + IPTV subscription also has a library of video on demand, where you can find more than 6,000 famous movies and TV series.
  • The subscription with no devices. You you’ll have to install it and access it on your own device.
  • To enjoy the Orca Pro + subscription without facing buffering, you must have a bandwidth of 4 Mbit/s. The HD channels and streams good internet. Also, make sure to connect, using Ethernet instead of WIFI. Ethernet is more stable than WIFI. If the services start to buffer, pausing for 15 seconds and playing again will solve the problem most of the time. Sometimes, the internet gets slow when there are many devices connected to the router. T do an Internet speed, check this website here.
  • The validity date starts the moment you first access IPTV. It will expire twelve months after your first usage.
  • In case you have any difficulties, feel free to contact the customer services.

The prohibition rules of the Orca Pro + subscription.

You mustn’t connect more than one single device using a single subscription. If you tried to do connect more than one device, you will be banned from the service without any getting any refunds.

In case you’re caught trying to hack our server one way or another, you’ll get banned from the Orca Pro + service permanently.

Don’t share any TV programs, or videos from the Orca Pro + IPTV subscription, if you don’t want to get banned.



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  1. khalid

    best iptv service

  2. richard paimen

    bon service et qualité supérieure

  3. jhone

    thanks iptvhat for make it easy and cheap

  4. master jhon

    i liked it

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